Review: Apple iPhone 6S

2017.02.20. Posted by Eörs Szathmáry Jr.

Before I start my review, I have to tell you a story. I have never had an iPhone before. I was the one, who you would call the Android Guy. However, I have been passionate about Apple since the introduction of the original iPhone. Quickly, Apple had become my favorite company, and Steve Jobs became one of my idols. When Tim Cook took over as CEO, I was skeptical, and rightfully so. Under Tim's leadership, Apple lost its way in terms of quality control. For me, the very first Apple product, that featured a truly innovative way of thinking, was the iPhone 6S. So I decided to give it a shot.

Now, let's dive into the review.



When we talk about Apple products, the first thing that comes to mind is design. When I first saw the now iconic iPhone 6 design, I was seriously underwhelmed. It looked minimalistic to the point where it wasn't interesting. The camera bump looked atrocious.
But then something magical happened. I held the iPhone 6S in my hand and let me tell you: it was a life-changing experience. I have never ever touched a smartphone that was so outstandingly comfortable to hold.


The iPhone 6S features a 12 MP iSight and a 5 MP FaceTime camera, both of which are equipped with HDR capability. The front facing camera is good, but nothing to write home about.
The iSight camera is stunning. Thanks to Apple's top notch image processing all of the pictures are perfectly color balanced, true to life and have very little noise. It's also my very first camera that can digitally zoom in without making the end result crappy.
With the Live Photos feature you can make your memories come to life, since every time you take a picture it turns into a three second video clip that can be viewed with the help of 3D Touch (more on that later). Also, this is the first iPhone that can record 4K video, but frankly I tend to shoot in 1080P at 60 fps. Even though it doesn't feature OIS the 6S still shoots relatively stable video. Frankly, this smartphone became my favorite when it comes to taking pictures


The iPhone 6S is equipped with a 1715 mAh battery that charges slowly compared to the competition. While standby time is great, if you want to use your phone for an extended period of time, you may have to bring the charger with you. If this is a big issue for you, I recommend not buying this device.


As of today, the iPhone 6S runs on iOS 10 which is the latest version. While Apple improved its mobile operating system both design-wise and feature-wise, it still has a long way to go.
Thanks to 3D Touch, the 6S senses how deeply you press the screen, and gives you relevant shortcuts based on which part of the operating system you are in. It is really cool and has a lot of potential to become the next big thing in terms of navigating a modern device.
Although Apple tried to catch up to Google, it would be nice to see more useful features that can be found on Android phones, for example a customizable Control Center and an Automatic Turn On/Off function. I have to give credit to Apple regarding security, since iOS doesn't monitor your usage, whereas with my previous phones, I had to clear my Google Activity in a regular basis.


Performance is the only major issue I have with this device. Though Apple's A9 chip and 2 gigs of RAM allows the 6S to operate quickly, using iOS 10 is not as fluid as it should be, due to a lack of optimization. I experience frame drops constantly in very particular parts of the system (Spotlight Search, Widgets etc.). Software-wise quality control is pretty much non-existent and if Apple will not take optimization more strictly, Android will take the crown as the best mobile operating system.


The iPhone 6S sums up Apple's current state perfectly. The iPhone is still a good phone as Apple is still a good company, but there is no doubt in my mind that it has lost its former glory. If you are living in Apple's ecosystem, you will like the iPhone 6S. If you have an Android flagship however, I have a hard time recommending this phone, unless mobile photography and comfortable design are important to you. With this device Apple has made a good enough product. But this is Apple we are talking about, where (in theory) good enough should never be... Well, good enough.

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